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bad teeth day


Saying Goodbye To Bad Teeth




Recently I have been reading a lot of electric toothbrush reviews to find the best sonicare toothbrush. 




That’s because I want to look after my teeth so I read Toothbrush Tech. I have done an appalling job of this in the past and feel that it’s time to make amends. It’s also because my teeth have given me nightmares!




Have you ever had the dream where your teeth start falling out? It’s a horrible dream that I have had a few times. I don’t remember what happens in the dream to start off with but I do remember at some stage reaching up to my mouth and gently to touch a tooth that wobbles. When I touch it, it comes out and falls into my hand along with the tooth next to it. I reach up again and more keep coming out until I awaken. I wake up with a horrible sensation in my mouth and have to double check that my teeth are still there.


I am told that the dream means that the dreamer is anxious about something. That could be the case on some occasions but at other times the thing I am most anxious about is losing my teeth!


Like I said earlier, I haven’t treated my teeth as well as I should. I have far too many fillings in my mouth which I am ashamed of. I even have a gold cap which I jokingly refer to as my bling but the truth is that it is not something I am proud of. I'm thinking I need something to look after my teeth like a Philips Sonicare.




Tooth Decay




At one stage I also had to get white filling on the top of some of my front teeth where they had decayed. Apparently the cause of this was acidic food and drink. In my case it was drinking far too much soda and for me that was coke. I remember being really fussy as a kid and refusing to drink water or Gatorade so drank a lot of coke and Pepsi. If I had known then what I know now, I would never have drunk the stuff.


Don’t get me wrong, I still drink coke and enjoy it but I look at it as a treat that I drink on weekends (with a little Jack Daniels thrown in) rather than chugging it down every day. I also learnt to love drinking water which helped.


 Toothbrush Tech UK is a site dedicated to informing people about oral hygiene.


 An Excellent review on a budget electric toothbrush



































Looking after my Teeth




I know that there are a lot of recommendations from dentists on how to clean your teeth to avoid fillings but there is one thing they rarely talk about, probably because they don’t want to get into trouble or sued. That thing is what we eat. If you want to avoid fillings, it makes a lot of sense to cut down on things that cause plaque and attack your enamel. Things with lots of sugar in them, acidic foods and yes soda.


So I now try to cut down on the things I know I’m not meant to eat to give my teeth a break and try to ensure that I never get another filling again. The bonus to this is that it also helps with my general health as well




What the Floss!




















I do not know a lot of people who like using dental floss but many of us do not understand just how important they are. In this piece I highlight why flossing is so important and mention some alternatives to dental floss like a good waterpik water flosser review.




I recently had to make a trip to my dentist because my sole tooth cap had fallen out. I had no indication that there had been a problem. I was just eating fish and chips (a healthy diet I know) when crunch, I bit on something hard. I fished it out (pun intended) and found the dental crown in my hand. Fortunately I was able to make an appointment with my dentist a couple of days later and he was able to stick it back in place.




It turned out that there had been some dental decay on the side of the tooth which had caused the crown to come off. My dentist has temporarily stuck it back in place but I will need a completely new crown which will set me back some $600 and that is with dental insurance help!




Alternatives to Dental Floss








My dentist asked me if I flossed and I told him that I did it two to three times a week. He said I need to do it more and recommended I read Flossophy 101. The thing is I am not a big fan of using dental floss especially when you have not done it for a while and it causes your gums to bleed. Fortunately I have found some good alternatives after reading this Flossophy101 electric flosser .




It turns out that there is such a thing as a water flosser that uses pressurized water to clean between your teeth. I have watched a few videos about them on youtube and have to say they are just what the dentist ordered. The one that I have my eye on at the moment is an airfloss. You can find out more about it if you read this airfloss review by Flossophy 101s favorites.


















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